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Luke Vo
full-stack web and system developer

Innovative and flexible with passion for the most optimal solution.

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam Open to Relocation

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  • Authored 25+ code libraries, automation scripts and templates that reduce manual works by 70%.
  • Very flexible and adaptive. Expertise includes system administration, having optimized a system that saved a client $1,500+ per month.
  • Excellent problem-solving and programming mindset, having been on Contributors list of 2 big active Github Repositories , one of which is used by 10M+ users .
  • Upwork profile : 7 out of 9 feedbacks ranked 5 .

Super fast work.
Effective and completed the project in less time then expected.

Excellent communication skills [...] After the code review, our lead developer said "The code is nice and simple as well. I’m impressed."

I could not recommend him enough. Hired him the night before - had it done by the time I was at work the next morning. Quickly fixed a bug during the review process on the spot [...]


Hobbyist since 2003 (10)
Professional since 2010 (17)

Dec 2015 - Present

Freelance Software Engineer

Upwork ( see feedback profile )

100% of my 16 contracts extremely satisfied my clients. 7 out of 9 given feedbacks ranked 5 . Had 3 long-time re-hire after the initial projects, one of which I have been working for for 2 years.

  • Work on multiple Microsoft-stack technologies: .NET Framework (Windows Desktop App, ASP.NET MVC, Library Packages), .NET Core (mainly ASP.NET Core), Office Integration (Excel Interop).
  • Work as System Administrator: Manage virtual machines and related resources on Azure and AWS, can work comfortably with PowerShell, Windows Server and IIS configuration.
  • Good knowledge about HTTP, WebSocket and popular Web infrastructure: RESTful API, OAuth2, OpenId, Microsoft SignalR. Deployed an API using IdentityServer4 (.NET Core).
  • Unit Testing using MSTest and xUnit. Can also work with Selenium for browser/UI testing.
  • Improve skills by contributing to open-source projects : RestSharp , ShopifySharp , Windows Insider, Visual Studio and Visual Code development.
  • Study and setup a CI/CD flow using Microsoft Team (recently renamed Azure DevOps). Had some experience on Docker development.
  • Work on multiple Microsoft-stack technologies: Web App (both frontend and backend), Desktop App with WPF and UWP.
  • Work as System Administrator, optimizing resources usages, reduced $1,500+ per month for storage and server cost. Solved an emergency system crash within weekend night when SysAdmin was on off days (that could have lost $10,000+ if waited till Monday).
  • Actively suggest and implement more than 20 scripts to automate manual tasks including: web scraping (99% faster than human work), campaigns running (10 million+ records), UI automation through Selenium (on average 400% faster than human interaction).
  • Made many small utility scripts for servers and developers including server cleaning up (save 10% storage cost for the Cloud server).
  • Managed the systems on both Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and thoroughly understand the infrastructure, including Azure services like Bing Translation API.
  • Fully understand modern convention such as RESTful API, OAuth2, OpenId, can implement such services within 1-2 hours. Have basic understanding of Graph API.
  • Started making contribution to open-source projects, including high-traffic RestSharp , ShopifySharp , Windows Insider, Visual Studio and Visual Code development.
  • I made a design flaw that costed $2,000 but learnt from that experience and improved further designs, effectively increased 30% production rate for websites
August 2014 - 2016

Senior Software Developer

Wisky Solution CO., LTD

  • Work as Technical Evangelist: mentor and training.
  • Improve my skill with Repository Pattern framework.
  • Improve company's workflow using Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Experience with lower layer of ASP.NET MVC: Custom Routing and Identity (for multi-tenant), Dependency Injection and Filters, T4 template (for auto-generating model files).
  • Trainer (titled Technical Evangelist): new developers to start working in 3 days and continue to study-as-they-work.
  • Introduced a Repository-based framework to standardize the process and newcomers can immediately work on-going projects on day 3 and increase overall new feature release by 50% (still in-use till this day).
  • Enforced policies to effectively solved problem of Git conflicts 70% faster.
  • Introduced T4 templates that remove 100% manual definition typing.
  • Migrate system to new Microsoft technology stacks with 30% better performance on production server and 40% build time on development environment.
  • Study and apply new technology for new projects. (.NET Core was new at the time)
August 2014 - early 2016
June 2013 - April 2014

Work as a full-stack developer for a manufacturing company.

  • Maintain and improve SEO for legacy website (written in 2003 using ASP Web Form)
  • Work with front-end development: HTML5, CSS3 (was just released at the time)
  • Automation scripts using Windows Form and integration with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel Interop)
  • Increasing the website visit from almost 0 to 60,000+ per day. Here I first experienced with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • The website homepage (as of June 2018) is one of my first CSS3 product (when in 2013, CSS3 and browser support is still a concern)
  • Maintain legacy code (ASP.NET Web Form) of an old system and later migrate into modern technology, saving 30% labor cost not counting the effort to maintain old hardwares and legacy code-base (old code can only ran on then-10-year-old Microsoft Windows Server 2003).
  • Created 6 scripts for automating daily tasks (mostly reporting), saving on average 30 minutes per person per day in other departments.
  • Introduced proper workflow for developers in the company, massively increase the productivity for IT department (reduce 50% storage when introducing Git as replacement for FTP).
2010 - April 2013

Game Developer - Technical Leader


This is my first jump from programming hobbyist into career. This work helps me understand how the systems (both hardware and software) work together and system design.

  • Work with teammates in other roles including Game Designer and Graphics Designer.
  • Study the first OOP and Software Architecture concepts with AndEngine (a popular Android game engine at the time) that served better for my later system design jobs.
  • Work as Technical Leader, helping other developers to solve logic problems, train newcomers and optimize the code base.
2010 - April 2013

Educations & Certifications

MCSA: Web Applications

Certified 2016

  • Passed Exam 483: Programming in C# (November 2015)
  • Passed Exam 486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (April 2016)

FPT University

Software Engineer

During my degree, my jobs helped my study a lot and vice-versa.

  • GPA: 7.55/10.
  • C# and .NET: 9.0
  • Data Structure & Algorithm: 9.2
  • Mobile Programming: 9.4

  • Made a product-selling website that later evolves into the framework used by a company.
  • Involved in training the juniors before I graduated in Introductory subjects.
  • Made an online interactive game for graduation project that involve real-time and then-new WebSocket protocol.